Sixth Mid-term Management Plan

Launched in fiscal 2019, our Sixth Mid-term Management Plan was developed based on our vision to be a "value-creating company tackling challenges together with clients". Under the plan, we will strive for further growth by combining efforts to increase the sophistication of clients' business models through our new business strategy and initiatives in focus areas in response to changes in social and industrial structures with strategic initiatives developed through our partnerships with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. ("Mizuho") and Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") formed in March 2019.

Vision of the Sixth Mid-term Management Plan

Growth via Partnerships with Mizuho and Marubeni

Through our partnerships with Mizuho and Marubeni, we will greatly expand business fields and opportunities within and outside Japan. And by combining our strengths with those of Mizuho and Marubeni, we will strive for growth going beyond conventional approaches.

Basic Policy of Sixth Mid-term Management Plan Business Strategy

We will strive for growth in Japan and globally, and contribute to the advancement of society by: evolving the successful model demonstrated in the Fifth Mid-term Management Plan and improving profitability through the partnerships with Mizuho and Marubeni by complementing functions.

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