Fifth Mid-term Management Plan

We launched our Fifth Mid-term Management Plan in fiscal 2017. So far, our business model has centered on leasing and installment sales for large and mid-sized companies.Using our know-how in that business field and our strong financial base, we are working to actively develop highly profitable businesses.

By further developing our core business and focusing on new strategic fields, we are targeting a new phase of growth in the lead up to the Company's 50th anniversary in December 2019.

Existing strategic fields (core business)

Leveraging our close relationships with major corporations and SMEs, we will continue to provide financing for capital investment through leases and installment sales and develop highly profitable businesses that help our customers’ grow their operations. We will also work to expand our real estate business by moving into new fields, backed up by our existing services in store leasing and bridge financing.

New strategic fields

Amid far-reaching change in society and industry, we aim to continue growing with customers by addressing their evolving needs. We have selected four new strategic fields: healthcare, the environment and energy, global markets, and technology. We will implement marketing strategies in line with market trends in each field.

Project Case Studies

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