December 1969

Pacific Lease Co., Ltd. is established under the initiative of The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) with the participation of life insurance companies and major companies,representing Japanese industry.

January 1972

Begins vendor leases of construction equipment.

December 1972

Begins vessel leases overseas.

November 1981

Changes trading name to IBJ Leasing Company, Limited.

December 1982

Begins leveraged leasing of aircraft.

October 1985

Undertakes Japan’s first rolling stock leasing.

July 1993

Undertakes securitization of lease receivables using a trust scheme.

April 1998

IBJ Auto Lease Company, Limited is established.

November 1998

Begins full-scale business in structured finance.

February 1999

Acquires Nissan Leasing Co., Ltd.

June 2000

Acquires Saison Auto Lease Systems Co., Ltd. (now, IBJ Auto Lease Company, Limited and a consolidated subsidiary)

December 2000

Awarded ISO 9001 certification for management of business quality.

June 2001

Acquires Universal Leasing Co., Ltd. (now, a consolidated subsidiary)

October 2004

Shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

September 2005

Designated an issue on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

October 2005

Spins off KL Insurance Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary specializing in life insurance. (now, a consolidated subsidiary)

March 2006

Acquires Dai-ichi Leasing Co., Ltd. (now, a consolidated subsidiary)

March 2008

Awarded ISO14001 certification for enviromental management.

July 2008

IBJ Leasing(China) Ltd. is established. (now, a consolidated subsidiary)

August 2010

PT. IBJ VERENA FINANCE is established. (now, a consolidated subsidiary)

February 2012

Acquires TF Asset Service Co., Ltd. (now, IBJL-TOSHIBA Leasing Company, Limited and a consolidated subsidiary), a receiver company succeeding the corporate financial services business split off from Toshiba Finance Corporation

April 2015

Merged with Nissan Leasing Co., Ltd.

February 2016

Moved into the field of aircraft operating leases with the establishment of IBJ Air Leasing Limited (now, a consolidated subsidiary), a joint venture with US aircraft leasing company Aircastle Limited.

May 2016

Thai subsidiary Krung Thai IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. acquires an auto leasing business from a local leasing company.

January 2019

Acquires PT. VERENA MULTI FINANCE Tbk, an Indonesian auto finance provider.(now, a consolidated subsidiary)

March 2019

Becomes equity method affiliate of Mizuho Financial Group.

March 2019

Acquires MG Leasing Corporation.(now, an equity method affiliate, joint venture with Marubeni Corporation)