Board of Directors

President and CEO
Hiroshi Motoyama


Deputy President

Katsuji Nagatsu


Managing Director

Shinichiro Maruyama


Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Planning Department,

Treasury Department, Accounting Department, IR 

Managing Director
Masaya Hamamoto

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (No.1), Toyama Branch, Niigata Branch


Akira Ueda

Outside Director

Takao Komine

Trustee, Research Adviser, Japan Center for Economic Research
Chairman, Institute for Research on Household Economics
Professor, Department of Regional Development, Taisho

Outside Director
Masatoshi Kiriyama

Outside Director

Yasuyuki Sugiura

Adviser, Mitsubishi Corporation
Managing Director, Toyo Bunko
Outside Director, SENKO Group Holdings Co., Ltd. 

Corporate Auditors

Outside Standing Auditor

Shigeaki Katayama

Outside Standing Auditor

Takehito Miyaguchi

Outside Auditor

Shinichi Takahashi

Partner, Nishimura & Asahi 

Outside Auditor

Akira Noguchi

Deputy President, Trust & Custody Services Bank, Ltd. 

Executive Officers

Deputy President Executive Officer

Shusaku Tsuhara

Chief CSR Officer of the Company

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Katsuhiko Yoshida

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (No.3), Business Promotion  Department, International Business Promotion Department, Environmental Energy Business Department, Business Development Department, Equipment Management Department

Managing Executive Officer

Noriyuki Yukawa

Area(s) of responsibility:

Real Estate Business Department, Aviation Business Department, Investment & Services Department, Finance Business Department

Hironobu Yamaguchi

Area(s) of responsibility:

Ship Finance Department, Automobile Transport Equipment Department, Computer & OA Department, Takamatsu Branch, Shizuoka Branch

Hidehiko Kamata

Area(s) of responsibility:

Personnel Department, General Administration Department

Kunimoto Wakasugi

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.4), Construction Equipment Department, Medical & Healthcare Department, Sendai Branch, Niigata Branch (Sub)

Tetsuya Norimatsu

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (No.2), Hiroshima Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Nagoya Branch

Yasuhisa Fujiki


Area(s) of responsibility:

International Administration Department, Credit Risk Management Department, Compliance Division, Risk Management Department

Takanori Nishiyama

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.1), Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.2), Sapporo Branch, Corporate Business Department (No.1) (Sub), MIZUHO Cooperation Promotion Division of Business Promotion Department (Sub)

Masanobu Kobayashi

Area(s) of responsibility:

Corporate Business Department (No.4), Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.3), Kyoto Branch, Kobe Branch, Toyama Branch (Sub), MIZUHO Cooperation Promotion of International Business Promotion Department (Sub)

Katsuzumi Orihashi

General Manager of Osaka Business Department

Toshikazu Ishizaka


Area(s) of responsibility:

System Department, Information System Planning Department, Business Administration Department, Business Operations Department, Market Business Administration Department

Executive Officer

Kozo Shino

General Manager of Compliance Division, General Manager of General Administration Department

Yoshiyasu Mizutomi

General Manager of Finance Business Department

Chihiro Tokiyasu

General Manager of Personnel Department

Yutaka Sasaki

General Manager of Treasury Department

Hiromichi Koyata

General Manager of Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.1)

Noboru Otaka

General Manager of Information System Planning Department

Asao Tsumuji

General Manager of Business Promotion Department

Yasushi Hara

General Manager of Nagoya Branch

Kunihiro Mio

General Manager of Corporate Business Department (No.1)

Mitsuyuki Kimura

General Manager of Fukuoka Branch

Toru Mukojima

Koki Minami

General Manager of Corporate Business Department (Metropolitan Area No.4)

Kazuo Seki

Double as Managing Executive Officer of IBJL-TOSHIBA Leasing Company, Limited

Kazuomi Funakawa

General Manager of Business Development Department

Takashi Yamada

General Manager of Corporate Business Department (No.4)

Kensuke Sato

General Manager of Corporate Planning Department