Amid rising demand for funds for capital investment, IBJ Leasing Company, Limited (IBJL) was established in 1969 as a general leasing company under the initiative of The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) and with investment from leading companies across Japanese industry.

IBJL does more than simply provide funding to customers. We develop and propose solutions to help them solve balance sheet and business strategy issues and we contribute to industry as a whole by providing leasing and other services to customers, mainly in the manufacturing sector. From the earliest days of Japan's leasing sector, IBJL has been a pioneer in the field, offering lease financing for ships and rolling stock, vendor finance programs for construction equipment and other innovative products ahead of competitors.


We have extended our business reach into other areas by moving into overseas markets along with our customers and actively using M&A. We are also leveraging our expertise in physical business assets to develop an extensive menu of new solutions that address an even wider range of customer needs, helping to drive steady growth in the Group’s profits.


We launched our Fifth Mid-term Management Plan in fiscal 2017. Under the plan, we are targeting a new phase of growth in the lead up to IBJL’s 50th anniversary, which coincides with the plan’s final year. We have positioned the plan as a major turning point, aiming to put the foundations in place for the Group’s next 50 years. Specifically, building on business know-how and financial strength accumulated in the Fourth Mid-term Management Plan, we will actively implement two strategies to take the Group to the next level: further develop core businesses using our expertise in physical business assets, and focus on new strategic fields to address structural changes in society and industry.


Going forward, we will continue to create value for all our stakeholders and increase corporate value by offering a wide choice of services that address the needs of our customers.



Hiroshi Motoyama

President and CEO

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd.