Aircraft operating leases

Rising demand for air travel worldwide is spurring a growing need for aircraft operating leases and other types of aircraft financing.

We are addressing this growth in demand by providing aircraft leases, secured loans for airframes, secured financing for engines and other services.

We have positioned the aircraft-related business as a new strategic field due to prospects for growth worldwide. We aim to win business from leading overseas airlines and other customers, centered on secured loans for aircraft and engines.

As part of our strategy, we established a specialist aircraft operating lease company called IBJ Air Leasing Limited in February 2016 to target further growth in the aircraft-related field. The company is a joint venture with Aircastle Limited, a leading aircraft leasing firm in the US.

We will continue to grow our existing business in secured loans for airframes and other products, while also using the expertise of our partner Aircastle to develop a new aircraft ownership-type business that better addresses the needs of our customers.

In fiscal 2016, we provided operating leases for four aircraft for airlines in Europe, the US and Asia. We aim to contribute to the global air transportation sector by actively supporting our customers’ capital investment programs.