Saving energy, generating energy and reducing costs

J-OIL MILLS, Inc., a supplier of edible oils and oilseed products to the household and commercial markets, is actively rolling out environmental measures as part of a broad restructuring plan, guided by its slogan “Flavor is the Energy of Happiness.”

J-OIL MILLS uses large amounts of energy (electricity and steam) in its edible oil and oilseed manufacturing processes. To address that issue, the company installed an onsite gas turbine cogeneration system at its Chiba plant. This onsite power generation system provides electricity and steam to the plant and any excess energy is sold to other users, helping to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

The system also plays an effective role in the company’s business continuity plan (BCP) as a standalone source of reliable energy in the event of an emergency.

IBJL-TOSHIBA Leasing Company, Limited supported J-OIL MILLS during the installation process by providing financing for the project. 

The onsite system is expected to be an effective way of reducing CO2 emissions and cutting energy costs.

The onsite system is expected to be an effective way of reducing CO2 emissions and cutting energy costs.

Cogeneration systems

Cogeneration systems use a heat source to generate and supply both electricity and heat. Effective use of the electricity and waste heat provided by the systems can have the following benefits.


・Lower energy usage and CO2 emissions

Cogeneration systems provide economic advantages through lower energy usage and CO2 emissions.


・Greater energy security

Systems designed to operate during power outages are a reliable source of energy when external power supplies are cut. They can therefore play an effective role in BCPs as an emergency power source under certain conditions.


・Stabilize power from renewable energy systems
Cogeneration systems are seen as a promising tool for stabilizing energy supplies by compensating for fluctuations in electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power systems. Test projects exploring this role are currently under way.

Customer Feedback

At J-OIL MILLS, we are implementing an energy efficiency project to make effective use of limited energy resources and reduce energy costs further. We have launched initiatives to effectively use energy at all our plants, which is likely to lead lower CO2 emissions and energy costs in our operations. One of those initiatives is the use of onsite power generation. IBJL-TOSHIBA Leasing helped us by providing a financing scheme that allowed us to outsource the ownership and operation of the cogeneration system, resulting in greater business efficiency.