IBJ Leasing’s Initiatives for its First Off-Balance Sheet Development Project of a Manufacturing Plant

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. has set out on initiatives for an off-balance sheet development project for a new plant of ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES, LTD., a major manufacturer of automotive parts, in collaboration with the Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (hereafter “IIF”), the only REIT specializing in industrial and infrastructure properties in Japan.


The IBJ Leasing Group’s strength lies in its capability to provide solutions to clients’ issues on balance sheets and business strategies, catering to their various needs. In addition, the Group has a diverse track record in real estate, including initiatives for commercial and logistics facilities, as well as REIT-related businesses. Under the scheme, IIF shall be the landowner of the plant location, IBJ Leasing the owner of the plant, and Ichikoh Industries the tenant. Ichikoh Industries is forging ahead with extending and renovating its footprints in Japan and overseas, and the establishment of the domestic manufacturing plant for headlights, its mainstay, is part of these measures. This scheme has been chosen as the best solution for Ichikoh Industries’ management strategy regarding the development of the new plant.


In the Fifth Mid-term Management Plan (FY17-FY19), the IBJ Leasing Group has positioned real estate as an area of focus, and will strive to promote clients’ business activities via methods such as cooperation with influential partners, so as to aim for the further enhancement of corporate value.

Concept of completed plant
Concept of completed plant