Started Providing Business Bridging Function in Solar Power Generation Business

The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) System started in July 2012 with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energy, thereby diversifying energy sources and realizing a low-carbon society. Since then, over 90 %*1 of renewable energy has been generated from solar power and, with the establishment of infrastructure funds that invest in renewable energy generation facilities, solar power generation facilities are now actively traded in the secondary market.


The IBJ Leasing Group has positioned “environment and energy” and “real estate,” as its areas of focus in its Fifth Mid-term Management Plan (FY17-FY19), and has provided clients with solutions that meet their various needs. By combining the IBJ Leasing Group’s experience in the renewable energy business and the knowledge and know-how in bridge deals *2 for REITs in the real estate business, it has started providing a business bridging function in the solar power generation business in response to the needs of infrastructure funds and other clients in the secondary market. Under this initiative, KL Lease & Estate Co., Ltd. (hereafter “KLE”), a subsidiary of IBJ Leasing engaged in real estate leasing business, will acquire the facilities*3 as a solar power generation business operator and run the solar power generation business. KLE will transfer the energy generation business it holds to infrastructure funds and other clients, so as to support them in their business acquisition processes.


The IBJ Leasing Group will promote this initiative and further enhance its corporate value by promoting the use of renewable energy and contributing to the development of clients’ business activities.


*1 As of the end of March , 2017; data disclosed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

*2 In bridge deals, IBJ Leasing will temporary hold the real estate a REIT is willing to acquire, and sell the real estate such as when the REIT has raised funds.

*3  As of February 8 , 2018, KLE has acquired power generation facilities at nine sites, including those that have not yet commenced operation, with 15MW of power generating capacity in total.

solar power generation facility owned by KLE
solar power generation facility owned by KLE