Initiatives Regarding Maintenance Lease of World’s First Four-Way Hybrid Operating Room

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. has jointly implemented the maintenance lease of facilities for the world’s first*1 four-way hybrid operating room (hereafter “neuro-quartet operating room”*2), which have been introduced at the Minimally Invasive Cranian Nerve Center in the SAITAMA SEKISHINKAI Hospital operated by the Social medical corporation SEKISHINKAI , with Siemens Healthcare K. K.

With a total of 450 beds, SAITAMA SEKISHINKAI Hospital supports regional healthcare as the core hospital in the western Saitama medical service area, which consists of five cities: Sayama, Iruma, Tokorozawa, Hanno and Hidaka. The neuro-quartet operating room was jointly developed by SAITAMA SEKISHINKAI Hospital and Siemens Healthcare. Besides traditional surgical equipment, equipment for angiography, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have also been installed, allowing highly sophisticated and minimally invasive procedures to be conducted swiftly. In addition to craniotomy, the procedures provided include endovascular treatment and neuroendoscopy treatment, as well as treatment through a combination of these procedures. IBJ Leasing provided the maintenance lease for the abovementioned equipment for angiography, CT and MRI scans. 


The importance of the medical field is steadily increasing due to structural changes in society such as an aging population. The IBJ Leasing Group has positioned the medical and healthcare field as a focus area in its Fifth Midterm Management Plan (FY17-FY19), and it will continue to make further social contributions and further enhance its corporate value by cooperating with strong partners, including its partnership with Siemens Healthcare, and by utilizing the business know-how it has cultivated over the years. 


*1 According to market research by Siemens Healthcare

*2 The operating room was named “neuro-quartet” because it allows neurosurgery to be conducted through the coordination of four types of treatment diagnostic equipment.

Neuro-quartet operating room - Left: Angiography equipment; Center: MRI scanner; Right: CT scanner

Angiography equipment

CT scanner

MRI scanner