Started Offering “COBOTTA®” Collaborative Robot

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. has started offering the “COBOTTA®*” collaborative robot of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


The IBJ Leasing Group sees such a new technology field as its focus area in its Fifth Mid-term Management Plan (FY17-FY19) while changes in industrial structure driven by Industry 4.0 (IoT, big data, robots, AI, etc.) are expected. 


IBJ Leasing will promote the introduction of COBOTTA® mainly through the provision of a customized sales program co-designed with Denso Wave and contribute to overcoming labor shortages and improving labor productivity. In addition, IBJ Leasing will continue to respond to businesses leading Industry 4.0 in order to make social contributions and enhance its corporate value. 


[Product Information] 

COBOTTA® is the Denso Wave’s first collaborative robot, suited for labor-intensive, detailed tasks such as simple assembly, sorting and inspection. It guarantees safety both from the intrinsic and functional aspects, weighs approximately 4kg providing easy portability and quick setup, with an intuitive graphical user interface coupled with direct teaching functions which allow users to automate tasks right away.


Denso Wave, a group company of DENSO CORPORATION, manufactures and sells industrial robots, automatic data capture devices, etc., and its robots are used in many fields, including in manufacturing automotive parts and electronic parts as well as in the field of medicine and food. COBOTTA® , which is easy to use for anyone, is expected to be applied in new areas where the automation is yet to be introduced due to the complexity in robot installation.




Product Name: COBOTTA® (COllaboration roBOT Technology Arm)

*COBOTTA® is a registered trademark of DENSO CORPORATION.


Sales Program launched on January 10, 2018.



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