Commencement of Leasing of Large-Scale Wind Farm

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. has commenced leasing of the 14 wind power generators in use at the large-scale wind farm, Watarai Wind Farm (Area No.1) in Watarai, Mie Prefecture, operated by Eco Power Co., Ltd.


A group company of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., Eco Power is a pioneer that established the industry as the first company in Japan to specialize in wind power generation, and this large-scale wind farm has 14 wind power generators installed at premier locations suited to wind power generation within Mie Prefecture, where strong winds blow all year round, for a total generation capacity of 28,000kW. 


The introduction of renewable energy has various goals including driving countermeasures against global warming through the diversification of energy sources and realization of a low-carbon society, and its uptake is being encouraged. In its Fifth Mid-term Management Plan (FY17–FY19), the IBJ Leasing Group is working on businesses positioned in the focus area of environment and energy in an effort to contribute to society and enhance corporate value.

Watarai Wind Farm (Area No.1)
Watarai Wind Farm (Area No.1)