IBJ Leasing offers a range of other financial services. 
We provide services to support customers in all areas of their operations, such as sales promotion, the introduction of environmental and energy equipment, purchase of pre-owned property or equipment, and entry into overseas markets.

Sales Promotion Support

We provide leases and other financial support to help customers sell their products. 
Our menu of services can be tailored to the specific needs of customers to support sales promotion. 

・Diversification of sales approaches ・Rapid recovery of accounts receivable

Support for Introduction of Environmental and Energy Equipment

We help companies navigate the process of purchasing and installing environmental and energy-related equipment, including providing information about available subsidies, joint applications, the best schemes for customers, tax breaks and equipment suppliers. 


・Information about subsidies ・Lighter subsidy application workload ・Selection of optimum scheme ・Links to manufacturers and other companies

Buying and Selling Pre-owned Property and Equipment

(Provided by KL & Co., Ltd.) 
IBJ Leasing purchases idle machinery from customers and sells a wide range of used machinery and equipment, such as machine tools, industrial machinery, printing equipment, injection molding machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery and forklift trucks. 

・Cost reduction

< Support for Entry into Overseas Markets > Leases between parent companies and overseas subsidiaries, etc.

IBJ Leasing provides leases with optimum contract conditions to suit customer needs and local accounting and tax systems. 
We also provide lease back arrangements for facilities already owned by companies through their overseas subsidiaries. 


・Fund procurement ・Financing in local currencies
・Accounting and tax benefits (depending on the country)

< Support for Entry into Overseas Markets > Cross border financing

IBJ Leasing purchases assets from sellers and transfers them to overseas subsidiaries through sales installments. 
We also offer Trade Packages, a one-stop scheme combining trade and logistics functions and financing functions. 

Fund procurement ・Additional trade and logistics functions ・Access to low Japanese yen and US dollar interest rates

< Support for Entry into Overseas Markets > Domestic contracts, overseas installation

This scheme allows customers to transfer property under lease contracts (or installment sales contracts) to overseas locations.

The use of contracts normally used in Japan makes the process simple.


・Fund procurement ・Simple contract procedures